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Personalized academic coaching regardless of learning abilities

Melissa Cory The Schoolhouse Chatham NJ.
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Our Mission:

The Schoolhouse strives to provide individualized online support for each student, regardless of learning abilities, for the purpose of improving the student’s academic standing, enriching his and her learning experience, and providing an overall feeling of academic accomplishment.

At The Schoolhouse, we believe in a holistic approach to education. Unlike chain tutoring services, which offer one-size-fits-all curricula, The Schoolhouse approaches each student as an individual. We begin by meeting parents and students through Zoom to identify which coach might be the best fit as a learning partner.  Then, we schedule regular one-on-one meetings that allow the coaches to get to know the student, his or her learning style, and offer curricular advice that matches their academic needs. It is important to us that our work is meaningful and productive. Our passion for learning rubs off on our students. Let us partner with you and your child to ensure that academic goals are met.

The staff of The Schoolhouse consists of certified professional educators. We all have teaching experience in one or more subjects and plenty of practical advice to enrich student learning. The staff prides itself on its flexibility.  We work as a team to provide the best outcome for each child. Someone famously said, “it takes a village,” and rightly so.  The advanced curriculum in many of the local districts and independent schools makes it hard for busy parents to provide the academic guidance their children need.  Furthermore, the competition for college admission requires parents and students to have access to people knowledgeable about the system.  At The Schoolhouse, we can be part of your “village” and give you guidance from kindergarten to college.


If you have an idea in mind that is not listed here, we can help. We are able to offer a variety of courses with high quality educators all year. You can call The Schoolhouse at 973-255-0061 or email at to discuss options for your student.

Personalized Online Academic Coaching

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